Victoria Fiddick, is a Level II Lydiard Coach, and can help you to become a better runner.

"I love to run, and especially love the freedom and experiences it brings. I have traveled the world representing both Bermuda and Sweden on several occasions. I am now very lucky that running has become my job. I enjoy working with people and seeing them gain confidence and get much healthier. I spend my time training towards my own running goals and coaching my athletes to achieve theirs."

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Victoria's area of coaching specialty

  • Development of junior and beginner runners
  • Program design from 1500m to half marathon
  • Runners looking to improve overall body strength and injury prevention

Victoria's experience as a coach and/or runner

  • ACE certified personal trainer
  • Worked at a physiotherapy clinic for 2 years teaching core/back strength and running injury prevention
  • 15 years of coaching runners (individual and group) with different running abilities
  • Currently coaching MAAC running club juniors (65 athletes)
  • She regularly competes in 1500m to half marathon events (a few highlights: 1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze in different Masters world championships).

Victoria's coaching philosophy

"Over 15 years, based on the Lydiard principals, I have improved my 5km time from 30m to 18m13s and half marathon time from 1h58m to 1h23m, so I know first hand what it is like to be at the back of the pack, but also to battle for first place in a race. This has given me the experience to be able to relate to beginners and local champions alike."

Victoria's goals as a coach are to:

  • Instill self confidence and overcome fear of failure
  • Provide a varied training plan and take advantage of the natural surroundings
  • Strike a balance between training, competing, hard work, rest, fun sessions, and just plain running enjoyment that suits the individual

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