Massage Therapy

Massage therapy refers to a comprehensive health management strategy focusing on the application of various techniques to positively affect the soft tissues and joints of the body. Massage techniques most commonly include pressure and compression, kneading, frictioning, and mobilizing to improve the health and condition of the muscles, tendons, skin, fascia or connective tissue of the body.

Spa Therapy

We can offer signature Spa Therapies based on theories that have informed traditional Chinese medicine and rejuvenation for a thousand years. In a human body there are five different elements - fire, earth, metal, water, and wood - all aligned with different organ channels, or meridians. The elements are constantly in motion, moving in and out of balance. We can evaluate which element you are experiencing that is causing imbalance, and then use massage therapy treatments along with a custom blend of oils to bring you back into balance.

Wellness Clinic

Health and Wellness Modalities

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