Ashlan Clinic is pleased to introduce Vatcharavee Claridge, the newest member of our Massage Therapy Clinic. Vacharavee (Vee) is a skilled Therapist in the art of Therapeutic Body Massage, and she is experienced in a wide range of Beauty Treatments. In her career development, she is a certified trainer for Massage Therapy. Her objective is to continue to self-develop, for the benefit of Ashlan Clinic, and for the ultimate benefit of her clients.

Vee can offer signature Spa Therapies based on theories that have informed traditional Chinese medicine and rejuvenation for a thousand years. In a human body there are five different elements - fire, earth, metal, water, and wood - all aligned with different organ channels, or meridians. The elements are constantly in motion, moving in and out of balance. She can evaluate which element you are experiencing that is causing imbalance, and then use massage therapy treatments along with a custom blend of oils to bring you back into balance.

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