Glenn Robinson

Glenn Robinson RMT, NMT is an experienced Massage Therapist of 20+ years. He is an entrepreneur, who's business is well established and respected in Bermuda and internationally. He has served as the president of the Bermuda Massage Therapy Association, travelled many times with The Bermuda Olympic Association as the official Massage Therapist for the Bermuda Olympic Team, has won numerous awards in the Massage/Wellness Industry, including the Best Of Bermuda awards in 2016 and 2017.

He has provided professional services for many individuals, ranging from simple muscle discomfort to chronic injuries. Glenn is well-known in the community for his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and success rate, by the average everyday person to Bermuda's elite athletes.

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Teshea Pitt

Teshea Pitt is an experienced certified Massage Therapist of 8 years. She also a member of the Bermuda Massage Therapy Association of Bermuda. Teshea studied at Lincoln College of Technology in Nevada and obtained her diploma in Therapeutic massage and bodywork. After 6 years of being a Massage Therapist she went off to Toronto, Canada to join a 2 year program as a Shiatsu student at the Shiatsu School of Canada which is the highest level of training outside of Japan. Teshea has also received a great deal of training in traditional Chinese medicine throughout the program at the shiatsu school of Canada with many different holistic therapies. In June 2015, she received her diploma as a Shiatsu therapist. Now having greater knowledge of helping her clients, it is her honour to share with our community that there is hope in the holistic world, and hope for each of us with helping ourselves and our bodies through the path of healing. For more information on Shiatsu Massage Therapy, click here, or call us at 441-292-6830. 

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Vee Claridge

Vee offers signature spa therapies based on theories that have informed traditional Chinese medicine, and rejuvenation for a thousand years. In a human body, there are 5 different elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood. All aligned with different organ channels or meridians. These elements are constantly in motion, moving in and out of balance. Vee can evaluate which element you are experiencing imbalance and then use massage treatments along with a custom blend of oils to bring you back into balance.

Vee is currently taking appointments on Tuesdays. 
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Mel Dupres, Homeopath BSc (hons), lic.(LCCH), MSc (dip). YT (200hrs)

Mel Dupres developed a passion for Complementary Medicine over 20 years ago. After completing a Human Science degree she went on to study Homeopathy, which she thoroughly enjoys practicing to this day. Early on, she realised that her calling in life was to help people to be healthy, happy and free. Later Mel discovered Yoga in India, and it helped tremendously with her own health challenges. This experience sparked her desire to teach, and she completed the 200 hour training with Yoga London in 2011.

Homeopathy is a talking therapy, which explores the mental/emotional side of illness and how this manifests physically-  whereas yoga is about movement and breath bringing the dimension of touch to the therapeutic interaction. The two complement each other beautifully, giving her patients the opportunity to transcend illness and transform into a state of well-being and health. Mel combines the two therapies as well as the practice of Reiki in her unique approach to health care.

Mel has traveled extensively over the years, learning about different cultures and treating people with various health issues.  She embraces language and culture differences as she enjoys people and celebrates the similarities between us - which fuels her desire to help.  Mel considers her life's journey as one of fun, healing and devotion.

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Jerome Knights.

Jerome Knights is a certified Massage Therapist with over 15 years’ experience, and is also a member of the Bermuda Massage Therapy Association of Bermuda. Jerome studied at the Virginia Learning Institute where he obtained both his Personal Trainer Certification and his diploma in Massage Therapy.  Between 2004 and 2008, Jerome furthered his studies in Thailand at the WatPo Thai Traditional Massage School, where he obtained certifications in Thai Massage and Acupressure.  

In 2016, Jerome obtained a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences Degree.  He is qualified in various techniques of massage therapy such as Thai massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Injury Care and Prevention, Trigger Point Therapy, Ergonomic/Body Mechanics and Reflexology.  He also has extensive experience in strength training, exercise science, and sports nutrition.  Jerome also works with elderly clients in conjunction with their physicians, to help them with acute and chronic joint and muscular ailments.  With his experience in the latest massage therapy techniques and his time spent in Thailand, Jerome understands the importance of the benefits of massage therapy, in conjunction with holistic living for a balanced and healthy life.

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Dr. Nekia

Dr. Nekia OM PhD is a physician of Oriental Medicine, who takes great joy and pride in being a pioneer within the fields of natural health & wellness here in Bermuda. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology (Honors-focusing in NeuroPsychology) from the University of Maryland - Baltimore County, Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, a PhD, and various certifications which qualifies her to be a global health care provider as well as a primary care physician in some US states such as Florida.  

With 10 years of clinical experience, Dr. Nekia brings a unique conscious focus to patient care aimed at preserving and reestablishing health within the human body.  She treats the body by employing therapies that exemplify a wholesome approach with a core belief that the source of injury and illness must be found in order for the body to be healed.  So although Dr. Nekia specializes in physical medicine & rehabilitation along side pain management, she also can provide care for internal medicine.   And while acupuncture and other modalities of Oriental Medicine are primarily based on natural methods of treatment, Dr. Nekia does encourage integrative strategies of obtaining health for her patients.  What this means for you is that you can be rest assured that she is willing to work with your GP and is competent in the understanding of medical diagnosis and test results.  All of which is important when it comes to ensuring that you, the patient, not only receive the most effective care, but that you are also knowledgeable and comfortable with procedures and treatment protocols. 

Dr. Nekia has quickly become known for her gentle touch, professionalism, and variety of beneficial treatments such as needle-free acupuncture, traditional cupping, and acu-sonic therapy, which are built upon her keen understanding of the complex nature of the human body. 

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